a long story
lasted over 20 years

Falmar was established in 1990 as manufacturer of Wall Partitions, storage walls and office furniture. The company has always offered to its clients a strong image due to the high quality level of products combined with a modern and functional design. Our factory on a surface of 6000 sm takes care of the full production process. Falmar is based in Pesaro that is a very important furniture district with high handmade ability and modern technologies.

Harmony and design

Falmar, thanks to the great experience consolidated during these years, manufactures a wide range of office furniture and partitions and offers updated solutions to follow the most innovative trends in office furniture. Prestigious finishes and transparent effects allow us to customize our different realizations. We combine the elegance of Wall Partition System, to the functional furniture.

Falmar’s activity does not only offer a product, but also support the designers from the initial concept stage of the project. This is possible thanks to  our consolidated “know-how ”  and experience “in field” through years of planning, installation and thanks to our team of qualified fitters, technicians and specialists covering the  full sequence, from the first  sketches through the delivery, installation and post-sales service.