Falmar manufactures complete office furniture and offers new innovative solutions able to interpret the continuous evolution of the office world, thanks to a great experience gained over the decades in this sector.

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A long story lasted
over 30 years

Falmar was established in 1990 as manufacturer of Wall Partitions, storage walls and office furniture. The company has always offered to its clients a strong image due to the high quality level of products combined with a modern and functional design. Our factory on a surface of 6000 sm takes care of the full production process. Falmar is based in Pesaro that is a very important furniture district with high handmade ability and modern technologies.

Harmony and design

Falmar manufactures full ranges of office furniture and offers new and innovative solutions able to evaluate the constant evolution of the office word, thanks to a huge experience gained during last recent decades in this field.

High quality finishes balanced with games of transparency able to customize our different realizations, matching the elegance of wall partitions with functionality offered from furniture.

Falmar’ s activity is not  limited to supply standard furniture, but is working besides the designer from the first phases of the project. This is possible thanks to our consolidated know-how, gained “in field”  after several years of planning, production, manufacturing and fitting, and thanks to our team of technical department, research and development and fitters able to cover all operative process, from first sketches till the delivery and post-sales service.


Falmar is provided with a company system conforms with the UNI EN ISO rules. We always pay attention to the quality and technological development for the purpose of “continuous progress”. The company has achieved this certification to ensure that customers receive high standards of quality according to current laws.


Professionalism means for us to be appreciated for our customer-care service. We believe in our capacities and we make all our wide experience acquired through many years of work available for our clients.

Research and development

Falmar is continuall engaged to select the right raw materials, to obtain the best-performing products, startingfrom more flxible plastic maerials, till the finishing pats made with high technologies. The materials selected are carefully studied to develop new products able to anticipae the market needs.


Falmar pays attention to environment theme and its preservation.

Our products comply with current regulations in terms of health and safety as manufactured in E1 class for formaldehyde emissions, dangerous for health and environment.


Falmar always works on developing new products designed for modern and flexible workplaces able to solve any furnishing requirement.


Falmar is continually engaged to select the right raw materials, to obtain the best-performing products, starting from more flexible plastic materials, till the finishing paints  made  with high technologies. The materials selected are carefully studied to develop new products able to anticipate the market needs.


Thanks to our internal team highly skilled, we design collections with high standard quality, arranging them correctly in the available space and volume. Our designers  make their experience  available for feasibility studies, projects with plans, layouts and economic quotation..

Tailor-made production

Nowadays as we live in a global market, we take advantage of our production  capacity to realize tailor made solutions, for any kind of project in which unique pieces are required, with the aim of satisfy any specific request of our clients, finding the best  esthetical solution besides a good price- quality ratio.

product divisions



Falmar introduce the Partition System, consisting of exclusive and wide finishes collection and quality, able to combine authentic workplaces and to create custom-made solutions for any creative and particular project.



Essential shapes and great elegance define executive furniture, which is characterized by six lines of design. Creating stylish clean-cut settings, where different materials merge with light and the warmth of wood.



Flexible and versatile the operative system Falmar. Three collections studied and designed to comply with any furniture requirement. We paid particular attention to the workstation cabling system, to answer the functional needs of great job.



Reception System created to welcome carefully guest, providing a solid and enveloping image, in the name of comfort and functionality.



The collections proposed are the result of elastic and functional choices to meet the main choices of the market.

Project and Design
beyond the imagination

in the World


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